Invest in a longterm

lifestyle rather than the next ridiculous

fad diet

You can transform the way you think about nutrition
Is your nutrition kicking as much ass as your workouts are?

If the answer is no you are not alone. I was YOU!


Listen, friend, we are constantly bombarded with the latest fads, evil foods to avoid, or the promise that some “magic food” will cure all of our health issues and help us lose 10lbs in a week. How could you not be confused!

Let me show you a better way to reach your goal!




Nicole's coaching is truly impressive! She was enthusiastic about my journey from the start. I could count on her to check in with me regularly, as she inquired about how I was feeling and was ready to make any adjustments to my nutrition plan. Nicole also fostered a balanced, holistic, shame and judgment free relationship. She always encouraged self-care and listening to my body, above all else! We chatted often about the benefits of meditation, the importance of freely eating out with friends, and releasing unnecessary restrictive beliefs around food. I absolutely loved the results of working with Nicole! She helped me confront and shift many unhealthy patterns around food, leaving me feeling strong, healthy, beautiful, and capable of continuing this journey on my own. I highly recommend Nicole’s coaching! She is above and beyond what you will find anywhere else!