Let's do this together

You've been lied to by the diet industry
Yep, ya heard that right!
Are you tired, feeling defeated, or pissed off because you're HUNGRY?
It's probably because your ridiculous restrictive diet SUCKS!
I'm here to teach you how to take control of your lifestyle habits so you can stop the damn diet rollercoaster and start living smarter, healthier, and more mindfully. 
YOU are unique.
Diets, not so much.
I hate to break it to you.

What if you could learn a custom and sustainable way of eating that gets your mind, body and goals on the same page.

Are you ready to start feeling sane & confident in your food choices? 
Did I hear a yes? Then let's do this! 

Find the solution that fits you

Nutrition Coaching

Never fail at a diet AGAIN!

Take control of your life and your health once and for all by learning HOW to eat in a sustainable way...and yes that includes the occasional piece of pizza!


Cause what is life without pizza?


Miserable is what it is! 

With my coaching you will learn
  • Align daily habits with your fitness & nutrition goals and create a customized plan of action to fit YOUR body and lifestyle

  • Transform behaviors that are hindering you from success and incorporate them into family routines

  • Make the mental shift to flexible eating rather than a rigid meal plan and help your kids have a healthy relationship with food

  • Lose weight and gain muscle in a sustainable manor without starving yourself and let your kid(s) be your personal trainer

  • To implement a lasting lifestyle and “cut through the bullshit of fad diets”

  • Have a realistic meal prep strategy that will save your family time, money and headaches. Can you say greatest life hack EVER!

  This includes:
  • 6 months private nutrition coaching plus 6-month accountability coaching
  • 12 months access to nationally renowned online nutrition program

  • 12 month custom gym or at-home exercise routines

  • 12 month check in support via Marco Polo

  • 16 small group bi-weekly “accountability” calls on nutrition and family habits

Coaching program currently full but be sure to check back soon for openings!

Mastering Macros eCourse

Find food freedom & flexibility by mastering macros and portion size to feed your individual body everything it needs

I believe that knowledge is power!


I'll be your virtual coach guiding you through nutrition principles

you can use for the rest of your life. 

This is for the person who falls into one or some of these categories:
  • Maybe you know what's up and you've been on some kind of nutrition plan before

  • Macro? Yeah, I know what that is, I've dabbled enough 

  • You want to advance your knowledge in your own time without the guidance of a coach

  • Can’t afford my full time coaching program right now and but you don't want to wait to learn

  • You have a generally healthy relationship with food but you want to refine it

  • Would like access to my Group Support page 

Nicole's coaching is truly impressive! She was enthusiastic about my journey from the start. I could count on her to check in with me regularly, as she inquired about how I was feeling and was ready to make any adjustments to my nutrition plan. Nicole also fostered a balanced, holistic, shame and judgment free relationship. She always encouraged self-care and listening to my body, above all else! We chatted often about the benefits of meditation, the importance of freely eating out with friends, and releasing unnecessary restrictive beliefs around food. I absolutely loved the results of working with Nicole! She helped me confront and shift many unhealthy patterns around food, leaving me feeling strong, healthy, beautiful, and capable of continuing this journey on my own. I highly recommend Nicole’s coaching! She is above and beyond what you will find anywhere else!