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Let's be clear:

Having dozens of recipes on your Pinterest board
and an organized grocery list is only going to get you so far.

Having healthy food available is a fantastic start BUT.....if you don't prep it in a way that's beneficial to your goals and visible in your fridge, you run the risk of spoiling food or thinking "you have nothing to eat." 

want to know my method?

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I’ve heard countless stories of women treating their fridges like they were treating their bodies. Going to extremes of stuffing it full of miscellaneous items that weren’t going to be satisfying or abandoning it with empty shelves so they had a rationale for choosing a quick fix.


Supporting women virtually through the pandemic was such a gift but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves again and create instant transformations. Like back in my hair salon days when I could turn you around in the chair and see you beaming in the mirror from a new hairstyle … I need to be in person with you! 


So I’m baaaccck to give your fridge and your family a makeover! 

I work with you in your home to create a customized shopping plan and organizational systems that make you go from feeling lazy to a genius! We will use that negative self-talk as motivation to transform your fridge into effortless meals and snacks that you can prep in minutes and have ready to grab-n-go all week long. 

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My Effortless Eats Kitchen system is for those clients who want to create a balanced, binge-worthy fridge that feels effortless when you open it. 


In less than 2 sessions together we will:

Confirm your goals and draft a personalized shopping list

Measure and order storage containers to optimize space

Declutter and clean your fridge for a fresh start

Reorganize food, drinks, and condiments into user-friendly zones

Develop a system for shopping, cleaning, and maintaining a balanced fridge that you'll be excited to open every day!

effortless eats says adios to the shame of skipping meals or overshopping! 

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Happy clients

Every time I opened my fridge, I would get a rush of anxiety. I’d have bags of groceries to unload but no space for them. Opening drawers only to realize I already had onions. And oops, definitely didn’t need more cucumbers! The lack of order in my fridge made me feel overwhelmed and chaotic. Everything changed last Friday when I came home to the most organized, orderly, and beautiful refrigerator! Things made sense again. I especially love the clear bins with fruit and berries in them…no more hidden fruit/veggies to rot. I feel inspired to cook again and even more excited for snacks! My girls are loving it too, where everything goes empowers them to help in the kitchen and feed themselves well!



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Ready to get started?

Currently I'm only working 1:1  in person with clients in the Portland, Oregon area. 

Not in portland? 

Here's how to get started with

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