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Let's be clear:

Having dozens of recipes on your Pinterest board
and an organized grocery list is only going to get you so far.

Having healthy food available is a fantastic start BUT.....if you don't prep it in a way that's beneficial to your goals and visible in your fridge, you run the risk of spoiling food or thinking "you have nothing to eat." 

want to know my method?

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Fridge Makeover Magic


Experience the difference
of hands-on guidance:

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Embark on a transformative journey with your fridge, where the real magic happens through our personal collaboration. Working together in your kitchen, we do more than organize; we craft a sustainable system that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle and health goals. This hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of your fridge makeover is tailored specifically to you, making healthy eating not just easy, but instinctive.

the benefits of working side by side: 

  • Tailored to Your Unique Needs: Every fridge, like every person, tells a different story. I'll be there to listen and understand yours, ensuring our strategy is as unique as you are.

  • Real-Time Learning and Adaptation: As we work together, I'll share insights and tips that are directly applicable to your daily routines, giving you immediate, actionable knowledge.

  • Seeing Beyond the Shelves: It's not just about placing things neatly. It's about reshaping your relationship with food, from shopping habits to meal prep, ensuring lasting change.


End result? 

A fridge transformation that goes beyond the physical space – it’s a complete reimagining of how you interact with food in your daily life. 

Ready to experience the magic of working together? Let's make it happen!

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Meal  Prep Mastery

From Deer-in-headlights to kitchen dynamo!

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of meal prep? Let's turn that around! Step into your kitchen with me and journey from uncertainty to brilliance. Together, we'll demystify the art of meal prep, making it as enjoyable as it is nourishing.

Our Culinary roadmap:

Custom Nutrient Plan: Say goodbye to confusion. We’ll create a tailored plan that fits your life like a glove, transforming uncertainty into a clear path forward.

Hands-On Fun and Learning: Forget about kitchen chaos. Side by side, we'll navigate through nutritious recipes and meal prep techniques, tailoring each step to your preferences and skill level.

Skill-Building for Independence: Leave the deer-in-headlights look behind. I’ll equip you with the tools and confidence to continue your meal prep journey with ease and enthusiasm.

the big picture?

It's more than just preparing meals for the week – it's about embracing a lifestyle of healthful eating and enjoying the process. 

Are you ready to transform your relationship with food and cooking? Let’s do it!

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Happy clients

Every time I opened my fridge, I would get a rush of anxiety. I’d have bags of groceries to unload but no space for them. Opening drawers only to realize I already had onions. And oops, definitely didn’t need more cucumbers! The lack of order in my fridge made me feel overwhelmed and chaotic. Everything changed last Friday when I came home to the most organized, orderly, and beautiful refrigerator! Things made sense again. I especially love the clear bins with fruit and berries in them…no more hidden fruit/veggies to rot. I feel inspired to cook again and even more excited for snacks! My girls are loving it too, where everything goes empowers them to help in the kitchen and feed themselves well!



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Ready to get started?

Currently I'm only working 1:1  in person with clients in the Portland, Oregon area. 

Not in portland? 

Here's how to get started with

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