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Hi You!

I’m Nicole!

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I’m a nutritionist committed to meeting women where they are, not where they remember themselves being before they met me. 

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that makes me want to lose my s#!*

I'll help you sift through the mountains of nutrition misinformation and toxic advice

Like many of you, my personal and professional journey has been a VERY winding road but I can’t believe how it’s come full circle recently. 


In my college years, I studied Interior Architecture and thought I wanted to be a commercial interior designer but I realized I’m a bit too rebellious for that industry so I chose to follow other passions instead and launched my life as an entrepreneur at the age of 24. (Think this is where I launched my nutrition biz? Nope, sharp turn ahead!)


Unlike most nutritionists, my career started in a hair salon, not a gym! During my 14-year career as a salon owner and stylist, I listened to countless women share intimate details of their personal lives. Ironically it was there that my nutrition habits, which were simply my survival kit for such a physically demanding job, sparked countless conversations about the importance of meal prep and creating clear boundaries for self-care. (Hold on, wide turn!)


With my entrepreneur life running on auto-pilot, I chose to test my skills by becoming a fitness competitor. I entered the industry enjoying the rewards of healthy habits and proper nutrition in fueling an active lifestyle. Within three years, I was left exposed to the extremes women were taking to win and I walked away before any long-term damage to my body was done. (Don’t get comfy, another wide turn!)


Then after years of infertility treatments, the birth of my daughter helped me realize how my body is part of a team and my own health decisions impacted the health of my family. OUR long-term health became what I wanted to be a champion in now! 


When I went looking for wellness and productivity advice designed around real-world mom life that supported my health along with my family I couldn't find what I was looking for. My options would remain limited UNLESS I helped solve the industry gap myself!  (Ok, the turn is a little less winding right?)


Enter The Habitized Life  A simple, doable, and balanced approach to wellness that appreciates all the demands and transitions my body, my energy, and my family go through. A safe space where I can infuse all the research, tips, hacks, etc. I launched programs with my virtual partner-in-crime Erin Galloway in 2020 when the pandemic led us to support women creatively from two different coasts. Erin LOVES the virtual world and honestly, I struggled to feel the same connection I used to have with my salon and nutrition clients. 


I am so proud of what we created together but I needed to get back in person with people! So I handed over the reins of The Habitized Life  and I’m back to serving a handful of clients in their homes helping make eating effortless for families in Portland, Oregon. (Ah, the road is finally starting to smooth out!)


I’m truly streamlining my life now that my baby is not so “baby” anymore. I enjoy maintaining my certifications as a Precision Nutrition Fitness Nutritionist, having an exercise routine that keeps my body strong, enjoying occasional photoshoots for clients I truly stand behind their products, and focusing on a few clients a month who I can deeply transform their lives. Plus I FINALLY found a way to tap back into that passion for interior architecture that allows this rebel girl to appreciate the industry but doing it on my own terms. 



I know that change can be scary as hell. 

I’m going through massive shifts too! Our fears are legitimate but I know, and you do too, that what's waiting on the other side of that fear is immensely gratifying.

Want to work with Nicole? 

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