Hi You!

Is your nutrition kicking as much ass as your workouts are?

Listen, friend, we are constantly bombarded with the latest fads, evil foods to avoid, or the promise that some “magic food” will cure all of our health issues and help us lose 10lbs in a week. How could you not be confused!


I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that complicated or restrictive. It's not necessary to go on some crazy ass generic diet that restricts your calorie intake to lettuce with a side of air. No thank you! 


I lifted weights, did all the cardio, and ate "clean" foods but I kept feeling stuck and frustrated that I wasn't seeing the results even though I was positive I was doing the right things. It wasn’t until I hired a trainer and nutrition coach that I was able to align my fitness goals. From there I started competing in bodybuilding and things started to make sense to me. "ohhhhh, to get results I need to have a plan of action for my unique body instead of playing the guessing game." Derp!


Since hanging up the teeny-weeny sparkly bikini I’ve transformed my own life going from salon owner to meal prep blogger and now mama and fitness nutritionist. 


My approach to fitness and nutrition is easily digestible to the masses. Pun 100% intended! Together we can cut through the BS of misinformation and find a method that you can stick with for the long haul.